"One day we must come to see that peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but that it is a means by which we arrive at that goal.  We must pursue peaceful ends through peaceful means."

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

MLK - Dayton, Inc.

Still Standing

The R.E.A.D. [Registering and Empowering All Dayton] project is a non-partisan effort, geared towards residents of The Greater Dayton region to become more active civic participants.  It’s our belief that better awareness and education of residents who belong to The Greater Dayton Area, will result in the development of a more substantive democratic practice among our citi-zens.


In recent weeks we have seen the manifestation of true democracy at work with the ousting of several overzealous prosecutors (Anita Alvarez, Angela Corey, and Tim McGinty) who the pub-lic became very unhappy with.  In an unusual president the voters actually got rid of them during the primary election season, means those who are of the same party that these prosecutors repre-sent, decided they didn’t want their representation anymore.  This was able to happen because those citizens were informed, educated, and empowered to make changes.  They were informed around the process and how it works, educated about their rights as citizens, and empowered to exercise those rights through their civic duty which directly resulted in the change they wanted to see.


R.E.A.D., believes that all American citizens should be informed, educated, and empowered when it comes to their constitutional rights such as the right to vote.  By educating the citizens of this great nation on our democratic process, voter turn out will increase, the spirit of apathy will decrease, and as a more unified America is reflected through democracy, pride among all countrymen will rise again.


There are three phases (main areas) in which are the focal point of the ongoing effort that R.E.A.D exhibits.


Phase 1

Registration -  It is crucial that we register as many eligible voters as absolutely possible during these remaining few week of open registration.


Phase 2

Mobilization -  Having persons registered will not be of any use if they can not get to the polls in order to carry out the civil duty.


Phase 3

Continuing Education.  Education centered around the system of democracy, how it works, and how it can work for them the individual, their surrounding community and society as a whole s absolutely incalculable.   If we could only imagine the return on a three phase investment, such as this into the lives of young people who will not only catch and run with the vision but can ac-tually soar.  With the proper example of a unified community behind them as a constant source of encouragement and protection, there is no doubt that they will lower their anchor into the sea of loyalty in order to be a blessing to future generations.


We at R.E.A.D. have imagined this limitless possibility and with your help can make it into a manifested reality.  As with all things, a project like this takes money, talent, and time.  The money will go to pay a part-time hourly wage of $15.00, to a staff made up of 18-30 year olds who will be organized and encouraged through a grass roots style strategy in order to bring about [said] outcome.  We have chosen to pay the young people $15.00 an hour to coincide with the Fair Wage Act of 2016.  It has been determined that if the minimum wage was raised to $15.00persons could earn a sustainable living wage, which in turn would raise the quality of life.  There will also be an identified primary person to each staffing team that will lead through prior trainings obtained in a specified, external environment.


Monies would also be allocated to physical and digital materials necessary, fuel and transporta-tion, as well as venue spacing to hold classes for education, facilitation of essential strategic, both informational and planning meetings.


With the Love and Sincerity of Christ,


The Tabernacle Baptist Church

Reverend Tokunbo Richard Adelekan, Ph.D.

Senior Pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church

For more information

380 South Broadway Street

Dayton, Ohio  45402-8212

Telephone: 937-228-6393

Fax:  937-228-5584

Web Site: tabernacleofdayton.org




Registering and Empowering All Dayton



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